CAUTION: If you're already do 3 mistakes or violation, an admin will kick you out from here!
  1. Don't mocking any user's creations. We're like family here, so we musn't get to fight.
  2. Don't do any vandalism to the official creations. You may edit some but please don't vandalizing or publish it to out of this side.
  3. Don't put any harsh words on the articles or even to any users.
  4. Don't uploading any photos like inhumane, violence, pornographic, and any photo that will ruin the image of the concerned side.
  5. If you don't have any photos to publish on your fan fiction article, you may create it with any applications or you can also editing the colors of the official images and searching on the internet or using the photo from another anime.
  6. If you needing any helps, the featured answer is you should ask to other users or to the Community Central.
  7. We're always welcoming you to this site. So, please accept our greeting with your own creativity!
Creating Characters
#You must using Template:Infobox/character for your characters' information box. Type {{Infobox/character}}, click SOURCE, and then click VISUAL (this is for beginner user).
  1. You may creating articles for such an official character, but you must using Template:Infobox/official than Template:Infobox/character for that. Type {{Infobox/official}}, click SOURCE, and then click VISUAL (this is for beginner user). But, you must using the profile picture from the official Future Diary Wiki and must not upload it at here (ask admin for helps).
  2. You may creating characters by using any character from any animes/mangas, but required that anime/manga already has a wiki. You must use Template:Loan after you do it. Type {{Loan}}, click SOURCE, and then click VISUAL (this is for beginner user).

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