Takamina Aizawa
Takamina SPOILER 2
Name Takamina Aizawa
Kanji 相沢タカミナ
Kana アイザワタカミナ (Katakana)
あいざわたかみな (Hiragana)
Rōmaji Aizawa Takamina
Nickname Takamina
Takamina-sama/Aizawa-sama (by Takamina Fans Club)
Aizawa-san (by Aru)
Aphrodite (God name)
3rd Reversal God
Gender Female Gender
Age 13 (Season 1)
Birthday October, 17
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale Blue
Colors by emotions: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Deepblue
Brown (Season 2 Only)
Height 159 cm
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Race Goddess
Human (reincarnationed)
Status Alive (First World)
Deceased (Second World)
Reincarnated (Third World)
Affiliation Gods (Kami7 and Kami7+1)
Occupation God
Diary Holders
Idol (Season 2 Only)
Relative(s) Other Gods (co-workers)
Diary Dream Diary
Isana's Diary (Season 2 Only)
World Diary
First Appearance Future Diary: Reverse Episode 2

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